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La generosidad de la risa

The bounty from laughter, the rapture sublime
Is priceless when practiced, all in a line
It’s time for us all, to be randomly gay
And let nothing from life’s cares, get in the way

We live in the moment, not future, not past
For whatever is beautiful, surely won’t last
Carpe Diem, and let’s  Seize the Day
Regrets in the future, not ours to say

Let’s learn from our children, they know it best
They understand play, and appropriate rest
No waste of resources, no timing ignored
They are always in motion, no time to get bored

As they too get older, they will eventually learn
Of the vagaries of life, when it becomes their turn
For now let them be, so carefree and wild
What a blessed remembrance, to have once been a child

Francis  Y Takahashi


La generosidad de la risa, el éxtasis sublime
No ti...

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Un regalo es especial

A gift is special, when it means so much
It is always priceless, with a child’s deft touch
To be showered with praise, favor or other
Cannot compare to the gift of water

It is true that things mean less than intent
But how can we know, what the giver truly meant
Perhaps it is just, and surely enough
When we lump it together, with all the other stuff

A winsome smile, a laughing embrace
Is just another example of grace
So open your arms, and receive with true love
The blessings from a girl, a gift from above
Francis Y Takahashi


Un regalo es especial, cuando significa tanto
Siempre es invaluable, con el hábil toque de un niño
Ser derramados de elogios, favores u otros
No se puede comparar con el regalo del agua

Es cierto que las cosas significan menos que la intención
Pero, ¿cómo podemos ...

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Los ojos de una niña

Such  a discerning stare, so young yet wise
Emanates naturally from a young girl’s eyes
What secrets, nay, what lessons dear
Are gifts  from someone, who has no fear

Each moment has its precious trait
It’s ;there to savor, without a plate
Let go of expecting some awesome sooth
Be glad for this, a glimpse of truth

As this girl grows, what will she see
Or is it sufficient, to merely be
The march of time, involves us all
As it witnesses everything, our rise and fall

So let’s rejoice, we once were young
And recall with joy, each song we sung
No need for pain, regret or scar
We simply live, that’s who we are

Francis Y Takahashi


Una mirada perspicaz, tan joven pero sabia
Emana naturalmente de los ojos de una niña
Qué secretos, o mejor dicho, qué lecciones de valor
Son regalos de alguien, q...

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Me pregunto lo que ve

Wonder what she sees, as the sunlight brightly pours down
She always chooses to smile, never once thinking to frown

Her innocence is abundant, as much as the clouds above
For her the world is a happy place, embraced by her parents’ love

Francis Y Takahashi


Me pregunto lo que ve, mientras la luz del sol brillante se derrama
Ella siempre elige sonreír, ni una sola vez pensando en fruncir el ceño

Su inocencia es abundante, tanto como las nubes arriba
Para ella, el mundo es un lugar feliz, abrazada por el amor de sus padres

Traducción Carina

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Suaves manos pequeñas

Gentle small hands, that cradle the dove,
So full of innocence, the portrait of love
We must learn from the child, as someday he from us
That the gift of this life, is neither negative or plus.

For we are just creatures, destined to strive
Even as the birds, when they are alive
A lesson for all, as a part of God’s Plan
And revealed in the touch of a little child’s hand

So haughty and proud, as we too often are
We fail to appreciate, the reach of the star
For when once there was nothingness, creation has won
Now we can surely rejoice, when each day is done

O mighty is the One, from whence all things pour forth
So fortunate are we, when we accept what we’re worth
Now humbled and taught, it is our turn to abide
And give forward God’s bounty, knowing we tried.
Francis Y Takahashi


Suaves manos...

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Día maravilloso

This wonderful day, I greet with a smile.
And give thanks to my Maker, who makes living worthwhile

Me and my camel, we will journey today,
and find an oasis, where we’ll rest and we’ll play

In great anticipation, again I must say,
Thank goodness, thank God, for this wonderful day!
Francis Takahashi

A este día maravilloso, lo saludo con una sonrisa.
Y doy gracias a mi Hacedor, que hace que la vida valga la pena

Yo y mi camello, vamos a viajar hoy,
y encontrar un oasis, donde vamos a descansar y a jugar

En gran anticipación, una vez más tengo que decir,
Gracias a Dios mío, gracias a Dios, por este día maravilloso!
Traducción aproximada Carina

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Cho cho san

Cuando le envié esta foto, Takahashi Sensei me respondió lo siguiente:

Japanese for butterfly is «cho», and is referred to by children as «cho cho san». For me, they are all «monarchs» of the garden and field.

I saw a butterfly,up against a fence,
Why it would just stay there simply made no sense.
Yet aren’t we all like that butterfly, trapped within our realm
Fluttering about aimlessly, with no leader at the helm
Until that blessed day, when we finally gain control
Oh that sacred day, when our minds get to meet our soul.

Francis Y Takahashi

Una traducción aproximada
En japonés la mariposa es «cho», y se refiere a los niños como » cho cho San «. Para mí, todos ellos son «los monarcas» del jardín y el campo.

Yo vi una mariposa, arriba detrás de una valla,
Por qué sólo s...

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Una vez le envié esta foto a Takahashi Sensei y me contestó con este poema que demuestra que además de ser un gran escritor también es poeta

I dreamed I was a little child, leaning on a pole
The monks surrounding me exclaimed
Why he is such a precious soul
So innocent, and never blamed
Let’s let him be, for when he wakes
What wisdom will he share
Its the courage of a little child
That will show us what and where
As he ages, he will grow indeed
In ways we now know not
For Shakyamuni’s words will he remember
And his childish ones forgot
O blessed is this time of peace
As this child surely shows
Let’s all rejoice, and never cease
For its Kharma that always flows
Francis Y Takahashi

Una traducción aproximada donde naturalmente falta la rima

Soñé que era un niño pequeño, apoyado en un...
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Recordamos el amor

Hush now good friends, for the Christ child is nigh,
The babe is asleep, and Old Santa will fly.
It’s that time of year, when we remember to love;
All the blessings we treasure, and receive from above.
So, hark to the heralds, let joy spread its cheer,
and let’s all prepare, for a Happy New Year!
Francis Y Takahashi
Silencio ahora buenos amigos, porque el niño Jesús está cerca,
El bebé está dormido, y el viejo Santa volará.
Es esa época del año, cuando recordamos el amor;
Todas las bendiciones que atesoramos, y recibimos desde arriba.
Asique, escuchad a los heraldos, deja a la alegría difundir su gozo,
y vamos todos a prepararnos para un Feliz Año Nuevo!
Traducción aproximada de Carina
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