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Sí, hay días

yup, there are days
when it simply does not pay
to wake up.

I took a pole once,
and found that most folk do not know
witch way to go.

I gave up brooms,
so that I would not fly off the handle like before.
Feel better now.

Francis Y Takahashi


Sí, hay días
cuando simplemente no vale la pena

Tomé un poste una vez,
y me di cuenta que la mayoría de la gente no sabe
que camino tomar.

Dejé la escoba,
así no volaría sin estribos como antes.
Me siento mejor ahora.

traducción aprox de Carina

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A pesar de que las nubes de tormenta se reúnen

Even as storm clouds gather, the piercing rays of light can still find the tree that stands straight and tall.
How can we doubt, that Nature will always work her magic, in ways both mysterious and wondrous.

All that we mortals need to know, is that we cannot know everything, but can appreciate anything,
by unconditionally training our bodies, minds and spirits, in the Way of Aiki.

Francis Y Takahashi


A pesar de que las nubes de tormenta se reúnen, los penetrantes rayos de luz aún pueden encontrar al árbol recto y alto.
Cómo podemos dudar, de que la Naturaleza siempre hace funcionar su magia, de manera misteriosa y maravillosa.

Todo lo que nosotros, los mortales debemos saber, es que no podemos saberlo todo, pero podemos apreciar todo,
mediante el entrenamiento de manera incondicional ...

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Tengo un amigo querido

I have a dear friend, he sits by my side,
there is nothing he complains of, as I go on my ride
He graduated with honors, for he learned all his cues,
he is fully qualified, having paid all his dues

My world is complete, and as safe as can be,
as long as he trots along, alert, next to me
I can face all my challenges, happy and free,
for he is loyal and patient, as everyone can see.

I know that someday, he may no longer be there,
for all things do change, I know not when or where
But the memory of his presence, so strong and so wise,
will be with me always, as the next day will rise

It is my deep wish for children, similar to me,
to have such a friend, that allows them to be free
And to remember each moment they lovingly shared,
and to be grateful that someone, loved them and cared

Francis Y...

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Alas silenciosas

Silent wings that fill the morn,
quite different from when the earth was born
Rejoice today, for the air is filled,
with the promise of new life, the senses thrilled

Francis Y Takahashi


Alas silenciosas que llenan la mañana,
muy diferentes de cuando nació la tierra
Alégrate hoy, porque el aire está llena,
con la promesa de una nueva vida, los sentidos emocionados

Traducción Carina

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Ojos con ojos

Eye to eye and nose to nose,
how long, I wonder, can we hold this pose
How big he is, this Gentle Ben,
I wonder if he would mind to be my friend

When I grow up, I hope to be,
as friendly and kind, as he is to me
For all that I hope for, in the long years ahead,
may I face all  my challenges, head to head

Francis Y Takahashi


Ojos con ojos y nariz con nariz,
cuánto tiempo me pregunto, podemos sostener esta postura
Qué grande es, éste Gentle Ben,
me pregunto si le importaría ser mi amigo

Cuando crezca, espero, ser
tan simpático y amable, como él lo es para mí
Por todo lo que espero, en los largos años por delante,
que pueda enfrentar mis retos, frente a frente

traducción aproximada de Carina

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Happiness, is walking in the rain to school, with his brother holding a huge banana leaf
Francis Y Takahashi


Felicidad, está caminando en la lluvia a la escuela, con su hermano llevando una gran hoja de plátano

traducción aprox de Carina

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Pequeño vagabundo

Little hobo, neat as a pin,
I wonder where at all you’ve been
Smiling as a cheshire cat,
I bet you know where the good stuff’s at

May all your days be safe and warm,
and you’ll find shelter from any storm
And maybe someday, when you have time,
you’ll share your wisdom, so sublime.

Francis Y Takahashi


Pequeño vagabundo, tan limpio,
me pregunto por donde habrás estado
Sonriendo como un pilluelo,
apuesto a que sabes dónde está el buen material

Que todos tus días sean seguros y cálidos,
y que encuentres refugio en cualquier tormenta
Y tal vez algún día, cuando tengas tiempo,
podrás compartir tu sabiduría, tan sublime.

traducción aproximada de Carina

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El mundo que me rodea

The world around me is not the best;
but I have this hammock, and a place to rest
There are so many children, much poorer than me;
who would trade places, instantly

For it’s not the lack of material;
that can make a home a living hell;
but the lack of a family, to make things well

So love me just for what I am,
and my joy will be complete,
just to hold your hand

My wish for children, everywhere,
is to be surrounded by family, and people who care
And to wake up each morning, just to know;
another tomorrow,and a chance to grow.

Francis Y Takahashi


El mundo que me rodea no es el mejor,
pero tengo esta hamaca, y un lugar para descansar
Hay muchos niños, mucho más pobres que yo,
que cambiarían conmigo, instantáneamente

No es la falta de material,
que puede hacer de una casa un infierno,

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Caminamos juntos cogidos de la mano

We walk together, hand in hand, the world around us seems so grand
The leaves are brown, the air is crisp, my brother though, still has his lisp

He’s older by a year to two, you can tell by his bigger shoe
Fine by me as he takes the lead, it’s still my choice his word to heed

Our parents love us, equally so, we’ll never hear “but YOU can’t go”
So off we scamper, hand in hand, we’re Lords of the Sky, Sea and Land

Francis Y Takahashi


Caminamos juntos, cogidos de la mano, el mundo que nos rodea parece tan grande
Las hojas de color marrón, el aire es fresco, mi hermano, todavía tiene su ceceo

Él es mayor de un año a dos, puedes verlo por su zapato más grande
Me gusta que tome la iniciativa, es mi elección prestar atención a su palabra

Nuestros padres nos aman, igual, nunca oímos, “pero...

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Las maravillas de la vida

The wonders of life, the joy of renewal,
all wrapped up in this marvelous jewel.

My gift from above, is beyond understanding,
the reality complete, no need for pretending

My daughter I grant you, is simply a baby,
yet soon to grow wise, perhaps as a lady

It’s all I can do to gratefully accept,
this miracle of life, that began with concept

How beautiful she is, and yet so mysterious,
it’s simply enough to avoid being delirious

For it’s simply God’s ways of showing He cares,
I am ready to face whatever life bears.

So here’s to our future, I know that it’s bright,
as sure as the day, morphs into night

Auf wiedersehen to you, and don’t you just know it,
it seems that I became an overnight poet.

Francis Y Takahashi


Las maravillas de la vida, la alegría de renovación,
todo envuelto en esta jo...

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