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Happiness, is walking in the rain to school, with his brother holding a huge banana leaf
Francis Y Takahashi


Felicidad, está caminando en la lluvia a la escuela, con su hermano llevando una gran hoja de plátano

traducción aprox de Carina

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Pequeño vagabundo

Little hobo, neat as a pin,
I wonder where at all you’ve been
Smiling as a cheshire cat,
I bet you know where the good stuff’s at

May all your days be safe and warm,
and you’ll find shelter from any storm
And maybe someday, when you have time,
you’ll share your wisdom, so sublime.

Francis Y Takahashi


Pequeño vagabundo, tan limpio,
me pregunto por donde habrás estado
Sonriendo como un pilluelo,
apuesto a que sabes dónde está el buen material

Que todos tus días sean seguros y cálidos,
y que encuentres refugio en cualquier tormenta
Y tal vez algún día, cuando tengas tiempo,
podrás compartir tu sabiduría, tan sublime.

traducción aproximada de Carina

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El mundo que me rodea

The world around me is not the best;
but I have this hammock, and a place to rest
There are so many children, much poorer than me;
who would trade places, instantly

For it’s not the lack of material;
that can make a home a living hell;
but the lack of a family, to make things well

So love me just for what I am,
and my joy will be complete,
just to hold your hand

My wish for children, everywhere,
is to be surrounded by family, and people who care
And to wake up each morning, just to know;
another tomorrow,and a chance to grow.

Francis Y Takahashi


El mundo que me rodea no es el mejor,
pero tengo esta hamaca, y un lugar para descansar
Hay muchos niños, mucho más pobres que yo,
que cambiarían conmigo, instantáneamente

No es la falta de material,
que puede hacer de una casa un infierno,

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Caminamos juntos cogidos de la mano

We walk together, hand in hand, the world around us seems so grand
The leaves are brown, the air is crisp, my brother though, still has his lisp

He’s older by a year to two, you can tell by his bigger shoe
Fine by me as he takes the lead, it’s still my choice his word to heed

Our parents love us, equally so, we’ll never hear “but YOU can’t go”
So off we scamper, hand in hand, we’re Lords of the Sky, Sea and Land

Francis Y Takahashi


Caminamos juntos, cogidos de la mano, el mundo que nos rodea parece tan grande
Las hojas de color marrón, el aire es fresco, mi hermano, todavía tiene su ceceo

Él es mayor de un año a dos, puedes verlo por su zapato más grande
Me gusta que tome la iniciativa, es mi elección prestar atención a su palabra

Nuestros padres nos aman, igual, nunca oímos, “pero...

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Las maravillas de la vida

The wonders of life, the joy of renewal,
all wrapped up in this marvelous jewel.

My gift from above, is beyond understanding,
the reality complete, no need for pretending

My daughter I grant you, is simply a baby,
yet soon to grow wise, perhaps as a lady

It’s all I can do to gratefully accept,
this miracle of life, that began with concept

How beautiful she is, and yet so mysterious,
it’s simply enough to avoid being delirious

For it’s simply God’s ways of showing He cares,
I am ready to face whatever life bears.

So here’s to our future, I know that it’s bright,
as sure as the day, morphs into night

Auf wiedersehen to you, and don’t you just know it,
it seems that I became an overnight poet.

Francis Y Takahashi


Las maravillas de la vida, la alegría de renovación,
todo envuelto en esta jo...

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Me pregunto lo que la ranita está pensando

I wonder what he’s thinking, this froggy oh so funny
I’m glad that he is out here, on a day so bright and sunny

If I could only see his thoughts, how grand and so mysterious
Could it be about some joke, or something more mysterious

I guess that I will never know, just what old froggy’s thinking
But most of all, I wonder how, he does it without blinking

Francis Y Takahashi


Me pregunto lo que está pensando, esta ranita tan divertida
Me alegro de que esté aquí afuera, en un día tan brillante y soleado

Si sólo pudiera leer sus pensamientos, tan grades y tan misteriosos
Podrían ser sobre alguna broma, o algo más misterioso

Supongo que nunca lo sabré, lo que la vieja ranita está pensando
Pero sobre todo, me pregunto cómo, lo hace sin pestañear

traducción aproximada de Carina

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El mira de esta manera

He’s looking this way, so it can’t be Ray Charles.
He can’t be Van Gogh, he hasn’t been to Arles

His demeanor so stern, he’s focused and ready.
To play his piano, both confident and steady

Some day to be sure, his craft will be heard
By all who remembered, that he was true to his word

Francis Y Takahashi


El mira de esta manera, no puede ser Ray Charles.
No puede ser Van Gogh, no ha ido a Arles

Su actitud tan severa, está concentrado y listo.
Para tocar su piano, tanto confiado y constante

Algún día, sin duda, se escuchará su oficio
Para todos los que recuerden, que fue fiel a su palabra.

traducción aproximada de Carina

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Mi nuevo amigo y yo

My new friend and I, he who fell down from the sky
I kiss his head, he barely peeps, stronger perhaps after he sleeps

Its all I can do to keep him warm, safe from cold, safe from harm
Perhaps I too, like this little bird, will also be saved, by a simple word

As we go forward, my friend and me, the wonders of this day for us to see
I am filled with gratitude, and with love, for we both are cherished from up above

We are destined to be what we might be  so I bid you adieu, my friend and me
And wish us well, with a future unclear, today is the day, we will ever hold dear

Francis Y Takahashi


Mi nuevo amigo y yo, el que cayó del cielo
Beso su cabeza, apenas asoma, más fuerte quizás después de que duerma

Es todo lo que puedo hacer mantenerlo caliente, a salvo del frío, seguro de daños

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Soplé algunas burbujas

I blew some bubbles into the air,
Their destination I know not where

Like dreams I have into the night
My thoughts, like bubbles, soar in flight

When I awake I hope to see
That the things I love, are still with me

Francis Y Takahashi


Soplé algunas burbujas al aire,
Su destino no sé cual es

Como los sueños que tengo en la noche
Mis pensamientos, como burbujas, se elevan en vuelo

Cuando me despierto espero ver
Que las cosas que me gustan, todavía están conmigo

Traducción aproximada de Carina

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Aquí estamos sonriendo

Here we are smiling, my little brother and me
Showing hope on our faces, for the whole world to see

There is so much to learn, and we are not in a hurry
We are not anxious to face those things that cause worry

Too soon will we grow to take on the world’s woes
But we will do so with courage, from our heads to our toes

For our parents and ancestors, have given us strength
to deal with adversity, no matter what length

so here we are smiling, my little brother and me
And we will do our very best, to be the best we can be

Francis Y Takahashi


Aquí estamos sonriendo, mi hermanito y yo
Mostrando esperanza en nuestras caras, para que el mundo entero lo vea

Hay tanto que aprender, y no tenemos prisa
No estamos ansiosos de enfrentar las cosas que causen preocupaciones

Demasiado pronto vamos a crece...

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