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Es muy bueno

It’s great to dream of being with a friend
while it is actually happening.

Francis Y Takahashi


Es muy bueno, soñar que estas con un amigo
mientras en realidad está sucediendo.

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Estoy aquí con mi amiga

I’m here with my friend, who’s quite adorable.
She’s my protector, in a world deplorable.
Yet wise is she, and quite content.
She’s my best friend, perhaps Heaven sent.

How far she sees, to the end of time,
All I can do, is write this silly rhyme.
Yet accepting all, and with a sigh,
she grants me space, next to her gigantic thigh

My wish for you, who reads this poem,
is to find a friend, to have at home.
For peace of mind, and from our birth,
Is all we can wish for, while here on earth.

So I bid you adieu, and happy times,
as I sit here quietly, thinking up more rhymes
Perhaps one day, we will meet somewhere,
and oh what memories, we’ll be able to share

Francis Y Takahashi


Estoy aquí con mi amiga que es bastante adorable.
Ella es mi protectora, en un mundo deplorable.
Sin embargo es sabi...

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Algunos de mis más grandes revelaciones

Some of my greatest revelations,
and reasons to rejoice,
I have found in the company of children,
my friends of choice.

Francis Y Takahashi


Algunos de mis más grandes revelaciones,
y las razones para alegrarme,
las he encontrado en la compañía de los niños,
mis amigos de elección.

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Todo el mundo debe ser despertado

Everyone should wake to a ray of sunshine,
even on a cloudy day.

Francis Y Takahashi


Todo el mundo debe ser despertado por un rayo de sol,
incluso en un día nublado.

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Hermana cariñosa

Love from a loving sister
is a great way to start the day.

Francis Y Takahashi


Amor de una hermana cariñosa
es una gran forma de comenzar el día.

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Me fui a dormir

I went to sleep, when the sun went down, wearing a smile, and not a frown
So I could wake, and prepare to be, the best little boy, you could ever see.

I meditate, each time I wake, to then be good, for goodness sake
My thoughts to clear, my soul prepare, so that my parents can take me anywhere

My wish for you, my gentle reader, is to be my friend, and perhaps a leader
I will need much counsel, as the world is strange, so see what wonders, you can arrange

I will wake from prayer, and quite soon, I hope that it will be way before noon
so together we’ll  go, and perhaps play, and create for ourselves, a most wonderful day!

Francis Y Takahashi


Me fui a dormir, cuando se puso el sol, con una sonrisa y sin mal gesto
Así me podría despertar y prepararme para ser el mejor niñito que tu hayas vis...

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Saludo a mi amigo

I greet my friend, head to head, our eyes are joined, our spirits led
A magic time for us to share, perhaps more than we may dare

As we speak, with thoughts ablaze, so much is shared in a single gaze
Who said that animals are less than we, has never touched eternity

It is my honor, and joy supreme, to have lived a moment from a dream
I’ll treasure long ;this time we shared, our minds enjoined, our spirits bared

Francis Y Takahashi

Saludo a mi amigo, cabeza a cabeza, nuestros ojos están unidos, nuestros espíritus nos llevan
Un momento mágico para compartir entre nosotros, tal vez más de lo que nos atrevamos

Como si hablaramos, llenos de pensamientos, tanto es compartido en una sola mirada
Quién dijo que los animales son menos que nosotros nunca ha tocado la eternidad

Es para mí un hon...

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Dance, like no one is watching,
Sing, like no one is listening,
and act, as if no one cares what you do.

Be accountable to yourself,
above all else,
and become the person only you know to be True.

Francis Y Takahashi


Baila como si nadie te estuviera mirando,
Canta como si nadie te estuviera escuchando,
y actua como si a nadie le importara lo que haces.

Rinde cuentas a ti mismo,
sobre todas las cosas,
y se la única persona que sabes que es verdadera.

Traducción aprox de Carina

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Mirando hacia atrás

Looking back, I see the road,
for many miles on my dad I rode
He looks ahead, the way to go,
so we can travel safely so

My dad’s my hero, my mom’s my angel,
together we face life’s every angle
My smile is genuine, I am content,
our future’s bright, our path unbent.

It may not always be so good,
but we’ll find success, in our neighborhood
We live in example, based on love,
we’ll find our salvation, from up above.

Today we travel, undaunted by time,
it’s our turn to smile, and make poems rhyme
May tomorrow bring more of the same,
but we’ll gladly welcome it, even the rain

My wish for you, who observes us pass,
is that you too, will walk on grass
And feel the bounty that good thoughts bring,
and find good joy, and time to sing.

Francis Y Takahashi


Mirando hacia atrás, veo el camino,

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Que duermas el buen sueño

May you sleep the good sleep of the innocents,
even as this child of God is doing.
May your days be filled with laughter,
good food, and energizing rest from your toil.
And may all your hopes, dreams and plans
come to fruition in their time.

Francis Y Takahashi


Que duermas el buen sueño de los inocentes,
así como este hijo de Dios está haciendo.
Que tus días estén llenos de risas,
buena comida, y reposo energétizante de tu trabajo duro.
Y que todas tus esperanzas, sueños y planes
lleguen a buen término en su tiempo.

traducción aprox de Carina

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